3 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Climate Change

Everyone can do something

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Yes, it’s overwhelming. Thinking about climate change and everything it means for our future.

If you are young, like me, at 28 the future looks terrifying. And the facts are not so good.

So instead of feeling overwhelmed and helpless, there are a few simple things you can do to help the rapid rate of climate change. I am no expert but these are things I have garnered from reading a lot and watching David Attenborough’s latest documentary, A Life on our Planet (which is something everyone should watch).

1. Download Ecosia and make it your primary browser on your computer and cellphone

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Ecosia is the,

“search engine that plants trees”.

When you search, anything on the internet, they plant trees. They use a massive chunk of their profits to plant trees all over the world, instead of building a billion dollar company.

They are transparent. They publish their financial date so everyone can see how they spend their money.

They are C02 neutral. Their services run on renewable energy and every search engine request removes 1 kg of C02 from the atmosphere.

They are privacy friendly. They do not sell your information and anonymise all searches within one week.

They are ethical tech and

“stand for a better internet.”

So, what are you waiting for. Start using Ecosia for a cleaner environment.

2. Eat vegetarian

Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

This is harder than changing your search engine. Eating vegetarian is hard at first, because eating meat is so much easier!

So start small. Eat vegetarian once a week then make it twice a week and then three times and so on. Start with one meat-free meal a week.

David Attenborough, in his latest documentary, makes a compelling case on being vegetarian and/or eating less red meat. Attenborough still eats fish but has cut out red meat entirely.

His argument is simple:

“We must change our diet. The planet can’t support billions of meat-eaters.”

The biodiversity on our planet is vanishing and we are destroying the planet to make way for the animals that we eat. Our planet cannot cope anymore.

Let’s eat more vegetables and less red meat.

3. Buy less clothes

Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash

We all have items in our closest unworn, untouched or only worn once. I was once guilty of this too:

buying one outfit for one event!

The shock and horror of wearing the same dress to two different events. That is social suicide. But the real tragedy is only wearing clothes once or continuously buying news clothes that we don’t need.

We don’t need new clothes. Wear that dress you only wore once or have never worn. And before you buy something new, stop for a second and think:

Do I really need this new dress/pair of shoes/ top / jeans?

You don’t need new clothes unless your current ones are falling apart and worn through with use.

Fashion is one of the biggest polluters on the planet and fast fashion is the culprit.

“The fashion industry emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined”.

In the end…

Three simple things you can do right now to help the rapid rate of climate change:

  • download and search the internet using Ecosia;
  • eat more vegetables and cut out red meat; and
  • stopping adding to your wardrobe!

I am a Lawyer, Writer, Reader and Traveller. From Johannesburg, South Africa. I am writing to find my voice. Fortune favours the brave.

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