4 Things To Watch During Lockdown

Some entertainment to keep you going

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Watching TV is a necessary escape these days. And not the news. The news will only leave you feeling depressed and despondent. It will not lift you up or take your mind off things.

So here are some shows to keep you entertained and your mind off the current pandemic.

1. Castaway

“We all live or die by the clock, that’s how long we have.”

I know this may sound like an odd choice when everyone is lockdown and everyone you love cannot be reached physically. But it is a timeless classic and if Tom Hanks can survive for years and years on a tiny island with NO ONE then we can survive when our loved ones are just a phone call away.

We are so lucky that during this epidemic we can call our loved ones and stay in contact with them. Tom Hanks was not so lucky. But he survived and he was ok. I know its fiction but still.

My partner and I watched Castaway on the first evening of lockdown in South Africa. I had mentioned a while back that I had never seen it so we decided to watch it. One major bonus of watching Castaway; being in lockdown at home doesn’t seem that bad afterward.

2. Good Omens

“It may help to understand human affairs to be clear that most of the great triumphs and tragedies of history are caused, not by people being fundamentally good or fundamentally bad, but by people being fundamentally people.”

Perhaps fitting for the times. Good Omens is about the Apocolypse. The end of the world is not funny or is it? Michael Sheen and David Tennant manage to make the end of the world a hilarious tale.

The series based on the book by Terri Pratchett and Neil Gaimon will leave you in stitches.

It is pure fun and escapism and there is nothing serious about it. Sheen and Tennant play the hilarious duo of Angel and Demon who plot together to save the world. Their banter keeps the show going and the pair are perfect together. There are also witches and witches hunters and an 11-year antichrist.

A word of caution: if you are overly religious you may find this deeply offensive so rather skip.

3. Fleabag

“That's the very reason they put rubbers on the ends of pencils. Because people make mistakes.”

My only complaint about Fleabag is that it is too short. Fleabag is brilliant and hilarious. Many critics have attributed its success to its flawed characters. Fleabag is a flawed character like all humans everywhere. It is about time we saw more flawed characters on TV and in Movies.

Fleabag’s attempts at navigating London and trying to find success, happiness, and love are something we can all relate to. It is a funny, sad and lonely take of love.

4. Unorthodox

“God expected too much of me.”

One cannot help but sympathise with Esty, the main character in this new Netflix series. She is part of the Hasidic Jewish community in New York. She has no control over her life. She has no formal education. She is married at age 18 to Yanky, who she meets on only a few occasions before the wedding. They barely know each other before they commence married life together.

She is bound by the customs and rituals of her community and as a woman, she cannot stand out or achieve anything other than having baby after baby. Unorthodox is the story of her escape and how she flees to Berlin.

It is a compelling story and is a reminder that even when we lose control over the external forces in our life we can still change ourselves and change the future. We are not bound to one thing, even if we are raised to believe that.

I am a Lawyer, Writer, Reader and Traveller. From Johannesburg, South Africa. I am writing to find my voice. Fortune favours the brave.

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