What To Do When You Are Having A Bad Day

# 3 — This too shall pass

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Sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. You slept terribly the night before and everything is intolerable.

Work is lame and boring. You wish you were on holiday somewhere exotic.

Work is pointless. “Why am I doing this?”.

You can’t stand your colleagues today or the small office chit chat. You don't have the energy to even look anyone in the eye.

You want to count the days until the next exciting thing in your life but that brings you a little comfort.

You want to be home curled up into a ball, watching a movie and eating comforting food.

Going to the gym did not pick up your mood in the magic way it always does.

This is a bad day.

A day when nothing is right and everything is wrong. So what do you do when having a bad day? And can anything be done?

1. Remember this is just one day and there will be many

It is impossible that every day in your life will be wonderful and happy and full of joy. It is not possible for anyone, even the rich and famous. If you are having one bad day, don’t panic.

It happens.

Bad days probably happen once or twice a week at least. Your life is full of many different kinds of days.

There will be good, bad, ugly and strangely shaped days in your life. If today is bad tomorrow will be better. If tomorrow is the same then the next day will be better.

2. A bad day is not a catastrophe

Although it may feel like one. We are led to believe that everyone feels good and wonderful all the time. I blame Instagram, Facebook and all social media for this. No one is happy all the time.

If today seems like a lot harder to bear, it's ok.

This is not the end of the world. You are not a failure at life if you have a bad day. If you did not get 8 hours of restful sleep or if you woke up in the middle of night stressed about the next day or work or anything.

It is normal. Bad days will come all the time. Bad days will come even in good times. It does not mean you hate your life, it just means you are not feeling like yourself today.

3. This too shall pass

A bad day is finite. Thank god.

It will end when you close your eyes and go to bed. Or it might not end tomorrow but it will end eventually.

It is impossible that a bad day will exist forever. Look forward to tomorrow.

Tomorrow things will be better.

4. Maybe there is nothing to be done

Sometimes you can’t do anything about a bad day. You just have to see it through to the end.

Have a cup of tea or strong coffee and buckle down. A bad day is not an excuse to give up.

When we accept the bad days, maybe they won’t be so bad anymore. They will happen throughout our lives sometimes more frequently then we want but they are inevitable.

5. Be kind to yourself

When in the throes of a bad day we may be extra hard on ourselves. We may even feel like failures.

Why are we having this day today?

Maybe if we delve a little deeper and reflect on this bad day we may have an answer. Maybe it's a bad day because you are feeling stressed at work.

Or you had a fight with someone close to you. Or you are feeling anxious or depressed about your current state of life.

Whatever the reason, be kind to yourself and let yourself have a bad day. Don’t speak badly to yourself. Stop the negative self-talk.

In the end…

Bad days will come and go. Some will be extra bad, while others not so bad. They will not exist forever and they will pass eventually. Don’t quit your job or make any drastic decision when having a bad day. Let it go and see it through. You will feel better tomorrow or next month or next year.

I am a Lawyer, Writer, Reader and Traveller. From Johannesburg, South Africa. I am writing to find my voice. Fortune favours the brave.

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